duminică, 8 aprilie 2012

A journey

Happiness is not a place. You cannot just go somewhere called "happiness".  You have to go through a lot in life, to actually get to a point where you will be able to say that you are happy. 
I think that happiness has no limits. It is a state of mind that becomes your life goal.
Let's be happy !!!

sâmbătă, 7 aprilie 2012

What are the reasons that keep your heart beat?

Hello dear, 
How are you? How is everything?
We are getting so close to summer, and i love it ^_^ This is one of the reasons that keeps me happy all the time. Have you ever thought of the things that make you smile? The things that give you hope? Not yet? Well, now it would be great to do it. And you don't have to do it for others, do it for yourself! You will find out more and more about what what or who you like.

So, this is a challenge!!! What are the reasons that make your heart beat?
Here are mine: