luni, 12 decembrie 2011

Introducing Nushka doll

Ok this is odd, but this doll is called Nushka :D i mean serioulsy!!! It sort of looks like a Russian doll  - Matrioshka, but for some reason they called it Nushka. 
So i feel like i have to explain why this think impressed me that much and i am posting it here. My childhood nickname is Nushka :) so now it turned out that the doll is Nushka too. Destiny? neah, not yet lols. I don't have anything against the doll, but i think it looks kinda agressive. Don't u think so??
Well at least she has a little heart <3 
Now i now what i will ask my friends for Christmas : I want a Nushka doll :D :D :D

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