miercuri, 7 decembrie 2011


   Who is your superhero? Or even better who should be a superhero? Do you think that there is a limited number of people that have the abilities of being a superhero? Or a superhero is the good guy that has a special power and tries to kill the bad guys, well at least this is what movies tell us all the time.

You know who is the hero in my eyes???
The firefighters!  They are not afraid to sacrifice their lives  for others. And it's incredible how they have no idea who is the person that needs help, perhaps they don't need to know this. They are doing their job, and this is great.
The sad thing is that we don't appreciate their efforts. We don't even pay attention that there are people whose duty is to protect and save lives.

So i recall you to think about this, and maybe even change your mind about who is your real hero. Everyone can be a hero and no super power is required. :]
 (i did not took this picture, just found it on FB)

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